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We all remember the feeling — Standing in the tunnels; the drumline walks to the end zone and marches out to the 15 yard line and begins the run-on cadence; all members ceremoniously hit the PRIDE stenciled on the beam at the exit as the loudspeakers announce the “Prrrride of Oklahoma!” Approximately 300 of the Sooners’ best and brightest supporters run out of the dim tunnels into the stadium full of 86,000 Sooner faithful who are clapping, yelling and cheering. Suddenly the cadence stops, everyone’s horn snaps up and the full band projects  the collective Sooner Spirit with its signature version of “Oklahoma!”

We lived it and loved it.  Now, we can support those who have filled our shoes and help give them the same experiences we had back in our day….

…that’s why we are members of the OUBAA.


The year 2020 is not shaping up to be a usual one. With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting the entire world last spring, the people of all nations have had to make sacrifices and change plans in nearly every aspect of our lives.

The pandemic has even spread as far as our favorite pastime – college football and cheering for our beloved Sooners. This week, the Big XII Conference announced massive changes in the 2020 college football season, and likewise, the University of Oklahoma has made announcements regarding stadium capacity which will be limited to 25 percent of normal. In addition, access to the field will be strictly forbidden to those who are not players, coaches, referees or others directly involved with the game itself, and tailgating for this season has been suspended.

For these reasons, we regretfully announce that our homecoming weekend activities for this year have been canceled. As your board, we are as disappointed in these developments as you are. With homecoming originally having been scheduled for the OSU game, we had been working for many months to make this year’s activities even extra-special, and we had some extra fun activities planned for the event. We are saddened that this season has turned out the way it has for not only us but for all of college football, it’s players, its spirit groups and its fans.

However, even with the disappointment we feel, our organization literally “marches on” with our other duties and responsibilities related to our existence. Now, more than ever before, we need your active support and participation in OUBAA to help not only The Pride but all of the OU band programs move forward in their endeavors. Please take a moment and renew your dues to strengthen our group with our mission of helping the OU band programs. In addition, would you please consider an extra donation to help fulfill the other continuing needs of the band programs?

We will miss all of you this year, but as your board we commit to remaining strong and are already beginning to make 2021 a better year for all of us.

Forever Boomer Sooner!

The OUBAA Advisory Council

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