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Welcome to the OUBAA!

Do you remember the feeling?

Standing in the tunnels. The drumline begins the run-on cadence. The band explodes onto the field, slapping the "PRIDE" stenciled on the beam at the exit. Over the loudspeakers we hear our name, our legacy.

The Prrrrrrrrrrrrride of Oklahoma!

300 of the University's best and brightest pour out of the tunnels to the cheers of 86,000 Sooner faithful. Suddenly the cadence stops, every horn snaps up, and 300 instruments project the sound of the Sooners. 

We lived it and we loved it.  Now, we can support those who have filled our shoes and help give them the same experiences we had. Our legacy lives on through the students who call this organization home, just like we did. 

That’s why we are members of the OU Band Alumni Association.





OU Band Alumni Association


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