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Pride Historical Fun Facts

This trivia is based on 32 years of Pride of Oklahoma history; 1988-1991, 1993-2012, and 2014-2021.

  • There have been 4,105 unique members of The Pride of Oklahoma during those 32 years. 
      • Historically, the trumpets have been the largest section with a total member count of 644 (15.7% of the total historical membership).
      • In the 32 years of recorded historical information that we have access to, there have been 17 unique drum majors.
      • The Pride reached the highest recorded membership peak during the 2017 season with 326 members..

  • Historically, 89% of the Pride's membership has come from Oklahoma (67%) and Texas (22%).
      • After Oklahoma (2,703) and Texas(847), Kansas (41) has provided the most Pride members. 
      • Kansas is followed by Illinois (32), Missouri (30), Ohio (24), California (23), Arkansas (22), Colorado (19), and Tennessee (17).
      • The four states who have never been represented in the Pride are Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, and Rhode Island.  
      • There are 16 states that have only been represented by one member in the Pride (AK, HI, MD, MA, MS, MT, NE, NV, NH, ND, SC, SD, UT, VT, WA, WY). 

  • The top three cities in Oklahoma who have provided members to the organization are OKC (302), Norman (289), and Tulsa (186).
      • The remainder of the top 10 cities in Oklahoma are Edmond (173), Yukon (103), Moore (101), Owasso (97), Midwest City (84), Broken Arrow (65), and Ardmore (58).

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