Pride on field interlocking OU

Welcome to the OU Band Alumni Association!

Spring Game Itinerary

10:30AM Call time, Pick up Instruments
11:00AM Rehearsal with the Pride of Oklahoma
12:00PM Lunch provided
1:00PM Head to Stadium
2:20PM In Seats
3:00PM Kickoff

Thanks to everyone who participated in Homecoming 2018!

Photos will be coming soon.  Check back often!

2018 Pregame – Alumni Band and Pride
2018 Halftime show – alumni band and pride

We all remember the feeling — Standing in the tunnels; the drumline walks to the end zone and marches out to the 15 yard line and begins the run-on cadence; all members ceremoniously hit the PRIDE stenciled on the beam at the exit as the loudspeakers announce the “Prrrride of Oklahoma!” Approximately 300 of the Sooners’ best and brightest supporters run out of the dim tunnels into the stadium full of 86,000 Sooner faithful who are clapping, yelling and cheering. Suddenly the cadence stops, everyone’s horn snaps up and the full band projects  the collective Sooner Spirit with its signature version of “Oklahoma!”

We lived it and loved it.  Now, we can support those who have filled our shoes and help give them the same experiences we had back in our day….

…that’s why we are members of the OUBAA.

Read the 2018 letter from Brian Britt, Director, The Pride of Oklahoma to the OUBAA HERE!