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Your donation to the OU Band Alumni Association’s scholarship funds, deposited with and managed by the University of Oklahoma Foundation, is greatly appreciated, and is extremely important in helping qualified students have the opportunity to be members of The Pride of Oklahoma that might otherwise be unavailable to them. Please read this for more information on the importance of these funds.

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Donations to the funds listed below are tax-deductible and go directly, 100%, into the named scholarship funds managed by the OU Foundation. The links take you to the Foundation’s secure Web site where you can provide your payment information. These transactions happen directly between you and the OU Foundation on their secure (tested daily) servers—look for the padlock and other signs of security in your browser for confirmation.

  • OU Band Alumni General Scholarship Fund
  • Loyd B. Curtis Band Scholarship Fund
  • Oscar J. Lehrer Band Scholarship Fund
  • William R. Wehrend Band Scholarship Fund
  • Leonard H. Haug Band Scholarship Fund
  • Gene A. Braught Band Scholarship Fund
  • E. Springer Band Scholarship Fund
  • Gene P. Thrailkill Band Scholarship Fund
  • Brian Britt Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • William Wakefield Scholarship Fund

 Nick Nicholson Pride of Oklahoma Service Award Scholarship

Most Pride scholarships are typically based on financial need, musical ability, or require one to be a music major. The overwhelming majority of Pride members are not music majors. It was important to Nick that this scholarship is not only based on a student’s embodiment of what Pride means, but that it equalizes the students, putting them on an even playing field so everyone has a chance to earn this award.

Recipients of scholarships awarded under this Agreement will be selected by the Scholarship Selection Committee of the Pride within the School of Music in the Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts. The Director of The Pride of Oklahoma, or his/her designee, will serve as Chair of the Selection Committee. The Pride of Oklahoma, in consultation with University Bands and the Foundation, will determine the amount and number of scholarships based on the amount available in the Spending Account. It’s the Honoree’s preference that the full Div-idend be used each year to provide a significant monetary award to one special student, and possibly two as the endowment grows.
To be eligible for scholarship(s), candidates must meet the following criteria:
a. Must be a full-time, regularly enrolled undergraduate student at the University;
b. Must have completed a minimum of two consecutive seasons in the Pride;
c. Must be a junior or senior;
d. Must have a minimum 2.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale;
e. Must best exemplify the grit, dedication, passion, work ethic, desire and commitment to consistently go above and beyond that which serves the Pride of Oklahoma;
f. Must not be a contributor to the Fund or an immediate family member of a contributor to the Fund.

From those candidates who meet the selection criteria, consideration will be given to all students, no matter if they are in a leadership role (drum major, twirler or section, squad or rank leaders). No special consideration may be given to students in specific majors or fields of study (music majors). In addition, no special consideration may be given to students who are members of music or service fraternities and sororities.


OUBAA has a fund with the OU Foundation that is not for scholarship purposes. However, since donations to this fund are also tax-deductible, the funds in it may only be used for purposes that meet the guidelines for use of Foundation funds.

Again, this is not a scholarship fund. This fund may draw down its principal. We provide this donation link if you’re sure that’s how you want your gift to be used—for purchases, equipment, or other non-scholarship purposes. Click the link below to donate to this fund:

OU Band Alumni Foundation General Fund


The University Band department accepts donations to two OU Foundation funds linked below.

The first fund is for gifts intended to assist with large, specific purchases for The Pride, such as new percussion or brass instruments, entirely new uniforms (when that time comes), and the like.

The second fund is intended for gifts as part of the annual giving program, for those who can make yearly gifts to the band department.

Donations to these funds are tax-deductible, but these funds may draw down their principal and are not primarily scholarship funds. (The band department could use these funds for scholarships, but the first fund is specifically targeted for purchases, and the second fund may be used for any purpose that comports with the guidelines for the use off foundation funds.)

We provide these links as a convenience for those who wish to use them for easy, fast donations.

  • Pride of Oklahoma Specific Purchase Fund
  • Pride of Oklahoma Annual Giving Program Fund


Only gifts made through the OU Foundation are tax-deductible. You can, however, donate directly to OUBAA securely and easily via PayPal.

Donations to this account go to the same bank account as normal dues, homecoming payments, and other checks you write to OUBAA and mail in or hand in at homecoming. These donations are not tax-deductible, and are not eligible for corporate gift matching programs. This is a general operating fund that is used for routine expenses, and does not provide scholarships. This is the same method we use to collect annual dues and homecoming payments, etc.