Why Your Donation Is So Important


Our support of present and future Pride members has never been more important.

The cost of higher education only goes up each year, even at public universities like OU. That makes it all the more challenging for talented musicians to audition for The Pride, because the amount of rehearsal and performance time makes it difficult for full-time students to be members and work any significant hours.

During weeks without a home game, The Pride generally rehearses for six hours. That increases to ten hours in weeks with home games, and that’s not counting the six hours of performances before, during, and after the game—or the fact that there’s just no way to work a job on game days in the remaining hours.

Nor does that include hours of individual practice, time in the summer preparing for auditions, several days of pre-camp, at least two overnight trips per regular season, and if we’re lucky, conference championship trips and a week at a bowl game. Add in maintenance costs for students who don’t use school-owned instruments, weekly uniform cleanings, and myriad other costs and you could easily start to worry that talented musicians and leaders could wind up attending OU but not able to participate in what our friend Cecil D. Samara called “The Greatest Band in All The Land.”

To help those deserving students have a shot at membership in The Pride, we raise funds for scholarships, awarded to deserving students to help them have the same opportunity we all had.

That’s where you come in.

Our scholarship funds are invested and managed by The University of Oklahoma Foundation, making all contributions tax-deductible and providing us with a great rate of return—the OU Foundation returns a consistent 5% payout rate, significantly above most institutional averages, and consistent even in times of lower market performance.

Every dollar of your targeted gifts goes to the the principal of the funds, with none at all deducted for operating costs, allowing us to consistently predict available funds for scholarships. Since we never draw down the principal of our Foundation accounts, we always know we award as much in scholarships next year as we did this year.

The downside of not drawing down the principal is that all scholarships are awarded solely from the investment payouts. To pick a vivid example: if you won the lottery and donated $1,000,000 to a scholarship fund, that would not provide $1,000,000 of scholarships next year, or even $250,000 in scholarships for the next four years. It provides $50,000 in scholarships from now until the end of time.1

That’s why we need your tax-deductible donations to build these funds and generate more scholarships for students who want to be in The Pride but might not be able to afford it. Many of our scholarships are small amounts, but even a small amount can make a huge difference to a student’s tight budget.

Small donations add up fast, too. Even if you don’t win the lottery and win $1,000,000, any donation (fully tax-deductible!) combines with everyone else’s, growing that principal and providing security to the next generation of potential Pride members. That’s only possible with your secure contribution.

Click here to donate now to one of our scholarship funds. Your contribution to these scholarship funds could get magnified in two ways, making it even more valuable:

  1. Your company may match all or part of your gift, making it worth up to twice as much at no additional cost to you, and it’s still fully tax-deductible! Click here to see if your employer will match part or all of your gift.
  2. The OU Alumni Association matches scholarships awarded from the OU Band Alumni Scholarship funds with tuition waivers on amounts up to $1000. In other words, a deserving Pride member who receives a cash scholarship from these funds alsogets the same amount (up to $1000) in tuition waived!

So your gift could not only get doubled upon contribution by your employer, it could be doubled upon payout by the OU Alumni Association!

Instructions on how to donate, and the full list of our available scholarship funds, are on this page.

Your future fellow OUBAA members are already grateful for whatever you can do. Thank you!