Letter From The Director

Greetings from Norman!

It has been an exciting process getting ready for the 2018 Sooner Football season. This spring, for the first time in over 30 years, the number of students auditioning for position in the Pride of Oklahoma exceeded 450 students! This is the culmination of four years of hard work by the students and staff as well as the contestant encouragement and financial support from our countless Alumni and friends. The net result is that we accepted 325 outstanding musicians into membership of the 2018 Pride. More importantly, 325 student came to Pride Pre-Season Camp August 11 and all 325 remain in the band as I write this letter. This is going to be an exceptional ensemble, and I hope that you will enjoy their performances this year.

Here are some interesting stats about this year’s Pride:

74 # of academic majors represented
80 Percentage of students majoring in fields other than music
20 Percentage of students majoring in music
64 Percentage of Oklahoma residents 
36 Percentage of students from other states
23 The number of states represented in the 2018 Pride
3.48 The GPA of the 2018 Pride of Oklahoma

2018 Pride of Oklahoma Instrumentation
32 Flute 
32 Clarinet 
32 Alto Saxophone
8 Tenor Saxophone
22 Mellophone
47 Trumpet
36 Trombone
18 Baritone
23 Sousaphone
36 Percussion
29 Colorguard
1 Feature Twirler
1 Drum Major
8 Rehearsal Technicians
325 Members

For everyone who has sent thoughts and prayers our direction during the past four years of turning the Pride back around, THANK YOU! We will continue to work hard to raise the bar for the Pride now and always. Please know that you have my eternal gratitude for the tradition that you helped build through your hard work as Pride members and my sincere appreciation for your continued support. I hope to see you at Homecoming!

Boomer Sooner!