2018 Homecoming Music – Rah Rahs

The music for 2018 Homecoming is downloadable by clicking the appropriate links below.  Please note that all music is copywrited and should not be copied or electronically shared with anyone other than those registered for 2018 Homecoming and to be used for the 2018 Homecoming game only.

For the Thriller halftime show music click here

Rah Rahs Alto Sax

Rah Rahs Baritone BC

Rah Rahs Baritone TC

Rah Rahs Clarinet

Rah Rahs Flute

Rah Rahs Mellophone

Rah Rahs Percussion

Rah Rahs Tenor Sax

Rah Rahs Trombone 1

Rah Rah Trombone 2

Rah Rahs Trombone 3

Rah Rahs Trumpet 1

Rah Rahs Trumpet 2

Rah Rahs Trumpet 3

Rah Rahs Tuba